Our Services

We currently provide light gauge metal framing, thermal and sound insulation, gypsum board products, acoustical ceilings, and acoustical wall panels. Please see our work for examples of projects we’ve completed.

Light Gauge Framing:
Cold formed metal framing and engineering, interior drywall framing, shaftwall systems, and metal trusses.

Gypsum Board Products:
Drywall, specialty wallboards, glass fiber reinforced gypsum, trim accessories, and specialty reveals.

Thermal and Sound Insulation:
Faced and unfaced batt insulation, rigid sound board, mineral wool, and exterior rigid insulation systems.

Acoustical Ceilings:
Suspended acoustical ceilings, metalworks systems, woodworks systems, woodgrain canopy systems, acoustical clouds, and decorative perimeter trims.

Acoustical Wall Panels:
Wall and ceiling hung acoustical panels, suspended baffles, and lapendary panels.